Hey, Intercultural Day——又是一年国际日

时间: 2021年04月20日 来源: IB项目部 作者: 成都美视学校


Hey, Intercultural Day!

The Primary Years Program English Section of Chengdu Meishi International School have recently celebrated their annual Intercultural Day. The event took place last April 9, 2021 at PYP Building C. Once again it was a resounding success as our students with their parents shared and enjoyed the cultures and diversity of different countries.  With five nationalities represented, it was a marvelous example on how our school has embraced diversity.




Intercultural Day gave us the opportunity to learn more about other countries; cultures and traditions and to welcome parents into the school. This event served as a break from the usual classroom activities and has allowed the students to showcase their talents and creativity.





Preparations began weeks ago with each of the five grade levels started planning their performances and for their exhibits. Each grade levels were given a country that they will represent, and they were given the option of what they will be performing. 


Grade 1

Grade 1 has represented Canada and they performed the Banana Dance.

  • 一年级代表加拿大,表演香蕉舞。


Grade 2

Grade 2 has represented China and they sang a traditional Sichuan song to showcase the Sichuan dialect.

  •  二年级代表中国,他们唱了一首传统的四川歌曲,展示四川方言。


Grade 3

Grade 3 has represented Egypt and they performed a traditional Egyptian Dance.

  •  三年级代表埃及,他们表演了传统的埃及舞蹈。



Grade 4

Grade 4 has represented South Korea and they performed the Korean song “Banana Oh”.

  •  四年级代表韩国演出韩国歌曲《香蕉哦》。


Grade 5

Grade 5 has represented Mexico and they performed a traditional Mexican dance.

  •  五年级代表墨西哥,他们表演了墨西哥传统舞蹈。

After their performances, the parents visited and exhibit wherein the students where able to showcase their artworks in their visual art class. The students presented the things that they have learned from their inquiry about the culture of each country.  A Quiz bee of each houses and a couple of games that has originated from the countries that they have represented was also held during the afternoon.


The event was concluded by students visiting all the exhibits. Truly, it was a fun-filled and learning experience for our learning community. We are very thankful that many parents came to watch the performances and participated on the activities. We would like to thank everyone who were involved to make this day extra special for everyone. We look forward to celebrating more activities in the near future.